Tomás J. Aragón, MD, DrPH

Health Officer, City & County of San Francisco
Director, Population Health Division (PHD)
San Francisco Department of Public Health
101 Grove St, Room 308
San Francisco, CA 94102
Contact info: <>


In the fall, I volunteer teach Public Health 251D, Applied Epidemiology Using R, at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. More information here: <>.

To contact Dr. Aragón:

  • Email: tomas [dot] aragon [at]
  • Tel: 415-78-SALUD (415-787-2583)

To schedule a call or appointment:

  • Josephine [dot] Muir [at] | 415-554-2741
  • Isela [dot] Ford [at] | 628-206-7616 (back-up #1)
  • Cindy [dot] Garcia [at] | 628-206-7624 (back-up #2)

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